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        Talent seek for talent

        Marketing manager (2people)

        Job requirements:

        1.Responsible for the production of product (line) market plan;

        2.Formulate brand strategy, market strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, promote sales target achievement;

        3.Design and manage various promotional materials and training materials.

        4.Supervise the implementation of product strategy and feedback analysis;

        5.Organize promotional activities, training sales team;

        6.Establish and maintain a network of experts in the related fields.

        Guangzhou 2018-05-28

        Analytical chemist (2people)

        Job requirements:

        1. Completed the analysis and testing of the r&d samples;

        2. Establish, optimize and verify the drug quality analysis method, complete the verification of process validation data, and confirm the analysis method;

        3. Arrange inspection records, analysis reports and other relevant test materials;

        4. Completing other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

        Guangzhou 2018-05-30

        Drug developer (2people)

        Job requirements:

        1. Responsible for the research and optimization of drug prescription, the development of analytical methods, preparation development and quality research;

        2. Responsible for the product approval data and project declaration data, followed up the product and project approval and reporting progress;

        3. Discuss the technical problems arising during the implementation of the project and propose solutions;

        4. Responsible for follow-up of drug consistency evaluation, organization, arrangement and submission of materials.

        Guangzhou 2018-05-29


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