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        ABOUT US

        HG Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical enterprise integrating new product development, production and operation.

        With vision of acting and committing to be professional and outstanding, is a pharmaceutical enterprise integrated with new product development, production and trading. The company has been identified as the high-tech enterprise and, passed the new GMP certification and owns 7 patents.

        The products of the company cover both TCM and western medicine fields, among which our gynecology & pediatrics products have leading advantages in the market. The share of our featured product, ‘Compound Lysine Hydrochloride and Zinc Gluconate Granules’, in the market of similar products has exceeded 50% and is still increasing with an annual average of 30%. Our company sticks to the strategic measure of boosting the sales through active, effective and professional promotions and makes every effort to provide professional knowledge and services for the doctors and patients.

        HG Pharmaceutical has outstanding talents covering fields of production, R&D, academy, information, marketing and management. We have one doctor, 5 EMBA, 4 masters, 1 senior engineer, 2 postgraduate tutors and 5 licensed pharmacists. Having been abided by the honor credibility and contract spirit, the company adopts quality products as the source power, the high-end academic marketing as the traction force and the win-win cooperation with partners as the driving force. We have been practically and persistently providing professional and high-quality services in health field through continuous innovation and advancing with the times.

        Acting and committing to be professional and outstanding

        • GMP

          New GMP Certification

        • 7


        • 80%

          80% market share of similar products

        • 18

          outstanding talents from related fields


        The company has been adhering to the integrity, the spirit of the contract, the quality product as the source of power, high-end academic marketing for traction, and achieve win-win partner as the driving force for innovation, advancing with the times, pragmatic and continue to provide professional and quality services in the field of health

        • Honor credibility Contract spirit

        • Prospective, professional, honest and Win-win

        • Acting and committing to be professional and outstanding



        YangPu HuaHai Pharmaceutical Investment Co., Ltd.



        YangPu HuiGu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.



        Hainan HG Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.



        Qinghai JinBen Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd.



        Goldsun Trading Switzerland(HK) Co.,Ltd



        Australia HuiGu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.



        Huigu Nordic Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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